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Credits for the creators of the current Top 10 BAM!s with links to details.
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#1 BAM! Category: BUSY
This BAM! is currently being viewed and shared more than any other. It stars Big Wave surfing legend Ross Clarke-Jones conquering mountainous waves in Portugal.
#2 BAM! Category: HELLO
Why send a boring text 'Hello', when you can BAM! a cool dog saying 'YO!' Effects by Leslie Sorrentino from Animal. Giving some love to our animals and the World Wildlife Federation.
#3 BAM! Category: YES
Shay Maria showing her dance moves to communicate the message 'YES!' Kaloopy.com documents fun dancing and cool music such as Shay's. The stats clearly rank her dance moves as a popular choice to convey YES.
#4 BAM! Category: MAYBE
Amber Ibarreche is a fast rising artist based in NY & LA. We love the thought provoking words and happy colors that make her art stand out. Thousands of others do too, with the ranking of her BAM! video.
#5 BAM! Category: BORED
This classic old footage came to us from the folks at Public Domain Comedy. No doubt this stunt is real. From a time when CGI meant "Courageously Generated Imagery".
#6 BAM! Category: BRAVE
The popular Amber Ibarreche has two BAM!s in the current top 10 most popular BAM!s and will hopefully be sending more material for her fans.
#7 BAM! Category: THANKS
This THANKS BAM! is much more gratifying to receive than just a text or email saying thanks. Effects by Leslie Sorrentino and the team from Animal. Helping the WWF.
#8 BAM! Category: HUNGRY
This funny message connected with a lot of people thinking about eating. This BAM! is from a 2015 SuperBowl commercial for Jack In The Box by David & Goliath agency.
#9 BAM! Category: ON MY WAY
Obviously an impactful way to communicate your arrival. Submitted from by Bella from Prague, Yugoslavia.
#10 BAM! Category: BRAVE
This inspiring BAM! from Los Angeles creative David Angelo, clearly resonated with many people. It rounds out the current top ten BAM!s viewed, loved and shared by BAM! app users.


"BAM! is a free app for the iPhone that was created by one guy, with help from a bunch of his good friends. Please join us to make this a fun, creative service for all to enjoy."

BAM! began because we believe video is the most powerful way to communicate over distance. Sending a short, pre-made video is easier than typing a message and way more entertaining to send and receive.
That’s why BAM! is searching for and ranking the Best Messages about Anything.

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